Proust Questionnaire: Liz Bradley

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Proust Questionnaire: Liz Bradley


The Proust Questionnaire is a mini-interview. Its name and modern popularity (see Vanity Fair) is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.


Liz Bradley is a terrific nerd, whom I respect and admire deeply. She is a super photographer with a keen eye, and a beautiful family. Her daughter is also one of the luckiest babies I've ever seen... 



EdithSeriously, where was this Star Wars gear in 2003?

"You're taking Luke where?"



What simple advice would you give yourself at age 19?

Stop worrying, you’ll be fine, and have lots of dogs.


What article of clothing was your worst choice, in retrospect?

Leopard print pants. Enough said.


Do you have a motto?

"Just bounce."


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Charity work - giving back. And co-creating the cutest kid ever (aka Edith, my daughter).


What word do you consistently misspell?

Silhouette (I even spelled it wrong writing it here - thank goodness for spell check!)


What word or phrase do you overuse?

I am an exclamation point overuser - does that count?


What word is the most overused with others?



What food did you love as a kid that you now hate?



What food did you hate as a kid that you now love?



What is your greatest fear?

Family members dying. Definitely not a fan of this.


Your guilty pleasure TV/movie?

'Say Yes to the Dress' or any kind of home renovation show.


Favourite scene in all of Star Wars?

This is a hard one… just one?? Ewoks taking on the Empire in Return of the Jedi.


Who should be the next James bond?

A woman.


What book do you feel you really should have read by now?

I have so many unread books but I don’t worry about it - adventures yet to happen!


First song (or album) that you remember buying.

New Kids on the Block cassette tape.


Your guilty-pleasure/alone in the car sing-along song?

Probably something Katy Perry.


Free trip to anywhere on earth for 3 weeks... where would you go?



If you could photograph any one person (alive or dead) who would it be?

My family. Always my family.


If you could be photographed by anyone, but nobody else got to see it, who would be your photographer?

Storey Wilkins and David Williams. Two of the kindest people in the industry.


Photographers all know the gear doesn't matter, but what is your most coveted equipment right now?

Nikon D5


Most overlooked skill for a portrait photographer?



What's the easiest way for people to look better in a photo?

Stop worrying and trust the photographer. They know what they are doing and will give you the tools to make you look the best.


What's your alternate-universe career?



What one thing should all men know?



What about women?

I don’t differentiate. Same. Kindness.


Should people try to find "soulmates"?

Yes. Even if it’s your dog.


And finally... what is the ultimate best Halloween candy?




Jennifer Bailey PhotographyJennifer Bailey Photography

credit: Jennifer Bailey Photography




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