Aimy and Co.

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Aimy and her husband both work at University of Toronto, teaching smart-stuff that keeps us all in the "Jetsons" era. They are big thinkers, but when it comes to kids, they are straight from the heart.


The kids patiently let me drag them around the front campus, as I goaded them into the all-important "one more shot". (Some M&Ms may have been involved.) 




Note: the last time I graced the downtown campus, I was nose-diving in engineering. Fortunately, it was slowly dawning on me that I was more captivated by the slick UofT brochure photos than the actual program. (Word to the wise: applied science is 100% math, and 0% glowing green liquids.)




​I love historical Toronto, so when a family says, "Let's shoot at UofT," I never say no. 

But here's the secret weapon. It doesn't always happen, and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter to the final results... 

I really like a setting to have a special connection to the people involved. That's it

It's just a bonus when the "meaningful" and the "beautiful" planets align like this. But, if you don't happen to work at the Guggenheim, trust me... I have some other nice locations to choose from.




What I love most about the downtown campus are the quiet courtyards and old stone buildings. There's a lot to be said about actual ivy in the ivy-league.


DSC_2217DSC_2217 DSC_2240DSC_2240 DSC_2308DSC_2308

Note: these dynamo kids—who could power a city with a proper energy converter—are probably a shoe-in for the class of '24.


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