You can't control the weather, but you can stare it down.

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I love chatting with a new client on the phone, and hearing cautious inquiry turn to full-on "Let's do this!" 


It was great to meet Clair and her kids. Not just because they were some of the most pleasant people I've met this year, but because—for a while—it seemed we might never actually meet face to face. 


No fault of their's, mind you. Fate conspired to keep us apart.




But here's the thing... fate is no match for a photographer and a determined client.


Clair and I first chatted on May 31st, but we didn't get to click some frames until late August. Travel for them... travel for me... the day was too busy... the day was too humid... tornado warnings in Toronto! Summer can be as much of a challenge as the winter.


(Tip: want to make a predicted thunderstorm go away? Cancel your shoot. Ta-da!)


Works every time.


But, I never sweat it when a schedule needs to be altered here and there. A family shoot (very much unlike a wedding shoot) can often wait for the perfect time, place, and weather. Not that you should push it off indefinitely, but patience can truly be a virtue.


The outdoors, specifically, can be like a poker game: sometimes you have to fold some not-so-great cards, and patiently wait for pocket aces. Too hot? Fold. Midge season? Fold. Solar eclipse? I'm in if you are!


In our case, "pocket aces" turned out to be right after a brief rainstorm, when the clouds were just so.



(insert angelic choir)


DSC_2481DSC_2481 DSC_2450-EditDSC_2450-Edit

DSC_2502DSC_2502 DSC_2452DSC_2452



Thanks for a great shoot, guys! Sure glad we waited.



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