People may not care about your particular groove. That's good.

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I came up with a dumb idea last night as I fell asleep. 11pm is a target-rich environment for my dumb thoughts.

What if... instead of taking photos, professionals instead recorded short audio samples of their clients? 



"Dude, that recorder is so February."


Switch the visual for the auditory.

These high-quality "voice vignettes" would be recorded on top-notch gear and lovingly pressed into boutique, artisanal vinyl (or, perhaps a gluten-free, heirloom wax-cylinder). "Professional Family Audio Memories" can now be yours.


For big bucks, of course.


Personally, I don't think this is a great idea—or even a good idea. In fact, I'd never even had this thought enter my mind once until last night. But I bet there are people out there who are really into archival audio recordings of their families. 


It just seems weird because I am really into photos. And (gasp) not everyone is.


In the same way that I believe Professional Family Audio Memories is unnecessary and a little silly, there are people out there who think that family photography is... yes, unnecessary and a little silly—and thus, not worth the price. I get that.


It's a good reminder: all artists should be finding ways to connect on an emotional, rather than sensory level. 


Because, guess what? 


If you could somehow offer me a 20-minute professionally-edited audio compilation of my kids from, say, six years ago? Yeah... I'll get my wallet.



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