Jeremy Sale Photography | FAQ

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How do I download my pictures?

Here's a quick video that will silently show you how to do that in less than 10 seconds.

(Click on any thumbnail in the gallery, hover over the image (at the top-left), and there will be some options available for you. Easy)

Note: If you are sharing your photos, I highly recommend sending people "links", rather than the actual files. They will love you for doing this.

If you can't download, it's because I blocked it. Nothing personal, mind you.

What should we wear for our portrait?
Long sleeve shirts if possible—whites or solids— and no shorts (how can we enjoy your face with those terrific legs distracting us?) Here's a cool collection compiled by other photographers on Pinterest.

Who gets to see the pictures?
I can password-protect your folder if you like. I'll send you the link when they're ready.

Why did you post an out-of-focus picture of me with my eyes crossed?
Although I generally delete the "blinkies", the "sneezies", and the "I just dropped my camera-zies", I sometimes leave in shots that you may have an interest in because of the emotion of the moment at hand.

Can you fix my face?
No sweat. Take note of the particular photo you are talking about, then call me and we'll see about Photoshopping those tattoos out.

Can you fix my body?
Many people confuse "Photoshop expert" with "personal trainer". I can make some subtle tweaks, but we all love you just the way you are.

When all else fails, call me. I'm right here.
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