Hey guys! Here's all the proofs. (Anything that does not appear here was either out of focus or exposed incorrectly.)

These are un-retouched for the most part, so all fixes are on the table.

Note that a couple of the photos have a deliberate "look" to them—especially the square 'album covers'—just to give you something to think about in terms of colour-grading, etc.

Have a look and let me know which files you'd like to concentrate on. All the best!
DSCF2659DSCF2660DSCF2661DSCF2674DSCF2682DSCF2683DSCF2685DSCF2688DSCF2692DSCF2697DSCF2698image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6XPRB5494-2XPRB5494-3XPRB5494