Jeremy Sale Photography | Design

These are concept projects that were either created for the hell of it, for a client, or both:

-Clients include Citytv, PSTG Consulting, and CBC Radio. (There is something weird about making a print ad for radio...)
-Submissions to The New Yorker and Adbusters magazines and were done for the sheer enjoyment of it and submitted after the fact.
-Parody ads and miscellaneous designs were made for friends and family... which is to say, me.
Road Runner Prime CutsClient LensGlengarry Glen Ross MinimalistThe Mimico Wild PigeonsSalem's Lot MinimalistCatherine the Great MinimalistJaws MinimalistOutside 217Parody ad - Western UnionParody Ad - ApprenticeshipBengal ButterflyHeresy Chocolate - Worth1000 designBig JerkProudly ServingUpper Canada StonecuttersJSPThe Disagreements - album coverGunslinger 2TransparentCCC