Frequently Asked Questions...


Without a doubt, the most frequent question I am asked is:

Do you do passport photos?

The quick answer is "no". Long answer, "Yes, but I will charge you 10 times what you can pay down the street."



Where do you live?

Etobicoke—Islington and Lakeshore, roughly.



Can you shoot at my place?

Sure can.



Do you have a studio?

I have access to a few studios. Otherwise, my place (or yours) does it all.



I hate having my picture taken. Now what?

So do I. (That's why I stay on this side of the lens.) Look, it's no big deal. We'll shoot the breeze for a few minutes before we start clicking. I'm a lot of fun. Tip: bring a friend along if it makes you more comfortable. Either way, in my experience, clients always leave happier than when they arrived. 



What should I wear?

Family shoot: solid colours; easy on the patterns. No logos, though. Those guys have all the advertising they need. Wear what is "you".

Headshots: Same thing. Wear whatever is appropriate to your brand, and bring a few changes of clothing, if you want.



Can I bring my dog?

Wouldn't have it any other way.



Do you photograph babies?

Sure do.



What about baby dogs?

Bring me puppies and I'll pay you!



When can I expect my photos?

Within 7 days of your session; usually quicker.



Are your prices carved in stone?

Yes, although I can cut you a group deal on headshots.



Can you shoot my wedding THIS weekend?

Brother, if you've got the cash, I will shoot a prison mug-shot on Christmas morning. But chances are, if you've left this til the last minute, you can't afford me. Just saying.



Can you get rid of my double-chin?

I do great touch-up work when necessary, but I'm not a personal trainer. Love who you are and you're 99% of the way towards a confident and powerful picture.



Hey Jeremy, how do I...

Download one of my photos?


Okay, how do I download LOTS of my photos:



Can I send you a list of my favourite shots?

This is a great way to narrow down and share the pics you love with me and other people.



Here are some other truly amazing, weird things you might want to know.