Event Photography

$350 for two hours of coverage. $100 per additional hour

All photos included.


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Event Photography Portfolio


Pigeons panoPigeons pano Debut June 2011 Pano fullsizeDebut June 2011 Pano fullsize

Got a fund-raiser?

100th birthday?

Maybe an NHL vs. NASA moustache competition?


If you've rented a hall and paid for gourmet food, you've proven how important the event is. A professionally-shot extravaganza makes people wish they had been there. 

Great images today sell people on tomorrow.


Pop ArtPop Art


You put a lot of time, talent, and treasure into your big day. Professional photos are way cheaper than catering, and far more memorable.


Make a good event...

... a Great One.





So, keep your phone in your pocket. Let me capture the memories.

P.S. Want to put your team ahead of their competition?

Headshots are where it's at.