Note: none of this stuff is photography-related, but I find it interesting.



How do you make the best bread in the world? 

This is 5x easier and 20x better than using a bread machine, btw.


(Click here to see the recipe in print.)


Brew a cup of coffee that is better than any you can buy.


Make the best teriyaki sauce ever, in about 3 minutes.


Lose weight fairly quickly and keep it off (p.s. on Saturdays you get to cheat.)


Learn a simple, yet amazing card trick from David Blaine:


30 ways to turn ramen noodles into something amazing.


How to tie three incredibly useful knots...

Make authentic and amazing "Seinfeld Soup Nazi" Mulligatawny.


Cook the best steak you've ever had in your life... in a beer cooler:


What is the best theory ever about Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Answer: maybe... just maybe, the whole movie took place in Cameron's head!