Jeremy Sale Photography | More things to know...

Note: none of this stuff is photography-related, but I find it interesting.


How do you...

Make the best bread in the world? (This is way easier than using a bread machine, btw.)


                          (Click on this to see the recipe in print.)


Brew the perfect cup of coffee.


Make the best Teriyaki Sauce ever, in about 3 minutes.


Lose weight fairly quickly and keep it off (p.s. on Saturdays you get to cheat.)


Perform an amazing, yet simple card trick:



30 ways to turn ramen noodles into something amazing


How do you: tie three incredibly useful knots?


Make authentic and amazing "Seinfeld Soup Nazi" Mulligatawny. 


Cook the best steak you've ever had in your life... in a beer cooler:


Question: How do you account for all the low-key weirdness in Ferris Bueller?

Answer: Wait for it... the whole movie took place in Cameron's head!