1305 photos taken
272 neighbours—plus one on the way!
72 families
23 dogs

12 firefighters
1 cat

Thank you so much to Clay Charters, Ryan Sale, and all the brave neighbours who let us into their lives to see their smiles and their lives during these challenging times.

Although we never solicited any particular families, Clay and I are proud to have photographed everyone who asked (barring scheduling conflicts). In the end we had to wrap it up because of our own life commitments. Maybe more in the future? We'll see... we'll see.

Although these were Pictures on the Porch, we had lots of fun in front yards, back yards, alleys, sidewalks, and on the street itself!

So... stay home as much as you can stand it, keep in touch with families and friends, and take care of the people under your roof... including yourself.

All the best,


-New Toronto, March 30, 2020-
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